Display Ads for Non-Clickers

Did you know that 8% of internet users account for 85% of all clicks (on advertising)?  Source: ComScore.  This is an incredible statistic and one which is important when creating a well thought out online marketing strategy.

  Not every online campaign has “clicks” as the goal.  Take Display Advertising, for example.  The goal of Display Advertising (with the possible exception of Remarketing) is to help generate brand awareness.  According to ComScore, when employed, Display Advertising (regardless of click rate) generates a lift in brand-site visitation (“Direct” traffic), trademark search and offline sales.  So display ads serving these non-clickers should be heavy on the company logo and other graphic branding elements, and perhaps with a tag-line that can be reinforced over and over.  This should encourage brand-recall.

The take-away?
CTR% is not the only success metric for online display ads.  Impressions are meaningful as well and separate creative executions can be used for ads designed for click-through and ads which build brand recognition.