10 Google Services Every Startup Should Be Using

Are you using all of the Google Services listed below?  If so, you’re going to make it easy to work with a Digital Marketing Agency or Consultant, one who can immediately start working on your client’s account, have the data to see where they currently stand and the tools to help drive them to where they want to be.

Our philosophy is that all Digital Media (Paid Search, Paid Social, Earned Social, SEO, Affiliate, Email, etc.) used to drive visitation to a site/property/app, work congruently in one overall online media/marketing plan.  The digital marketing agency/consultant should be one who’s versed in creating these types of plans, or at least able to plug-in to the part of the plan they’re being asked to work on.

As media professionals, we need to see the brand’s ‘whole picture’ of their online presence…the spend, the properties, the allocations, the flighting, etc.  All of the Google services below are free, with the exception of Google Ads.  Ventropy Media manages Google Ads accounts on behalf of our clients.
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For those of you already running marketing programs (in-house or with an agency), these services can help to make them more effective at driving the actions you or your client want (sales, sign-ups, phone calls, etc.) and tracking them.

google analytics logo
Google Analytics is a free analytics tool which enables you to better understand your sites visitors & usage.
google ads logo
Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a paid advertising platform. On it, you can buy text ads for keyword-driven searches, display ads across a wide publisher network, gmail advertising & youtube advertising.
google my business logo
Google My Business gives you some control over how your local business is displayed when people are doing location-based searching.
google tag manager logo
Google Tag Manager is a tool which enables you to streamline marketing & measurement tagging on your site. It is often used in conjunction with Google Analytics & Google Ads.
google search console logo
Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is an SEO-oriented free tool which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.
google structured data testing tool logo
From Google, checks any URL for structured data (schema.org, microdata). A good way to check to make sure your structured data tags are setup correctly.
google pagespeed insights logo
From Google, the same tool Google uses to pull pagespeed (it's one factor in the organic search ranking algorithm) offered to you, for free. Helps identify speed issues with your site & how to fix them.
google trends logo
Google Trends provides access to a largely unfiltered sample of actual search requests made to Google. Great tool for keyword research to see relative popularity of 2 or more search terms.
google sheets logo
Google's answer to Excel. Free and cloud based.
google docs logo
Google's answer to Word. Free and cloud based.